How do I know if I'm a good fit for EAP?

Below are some of the contexts that would make EAP beneficial for clients...

Individuals looking to increase life skills

EAP has been tailored to help increase awareness, assertiveness, leadership, team work, communication skills, and relationship building.  Applications include group and corporate team building workshops, mentorship training, and self-care/wellness workshops.

Individuals who want to heal

EAP experiences incorporate elements of trauma-informed care, (rhythm, repetition, relationship and reward) to help individuals increase self-regulation and the cross brain connections associated with the reparation of trauma. EAP has been successfully employed within treatment protocols for chronic illness, PTSD, domestic violence, and sexual assault/abuse.  

Individuals looking to be challenged positively

EAP can assist individuals with anger management, flexibility, respect, behavioral and emotional control, recovery from substance abuse, accountability and self-efficacy.

Groups, couples or individuals looking for new connections to self and others

EAP can be applied to address skills related to increased confidence, trust, safety, compassion, resilience, self-awareness and marital/family relationship satisfaction.  

Activities can be applied flexibly in individual or group formats.

Connections occur in all shapes and forms, so come prepared to participate, have fun, and challenge yourself!